May 30, 2017

Our Story

Hello, my name is Ben, welcome to Dragonfly On Oasis.

The story behind this business began many years ago and it was the influence of a very special lady named Ronda that made it a reality. Ronda and I met by chance and both of us were drawn to dragonflies and it was a topic conversation on our first meeting!

On the small farm that I grew up on I was always fascinated by the waves of dragonflies that would arrive each year and come out of the wetlands near the farm. I have also been mesmerized while sitting on a dock in Wisconsin surrounded by dragonflies and no mosquitoes.

But it was not the farm or the cabin in Wisconsin, but an incident in of all places, Alaska, which indelibly marked me with the dragonfly. I was walking on the tidal flats towards shore in Alaska, where an elderly Inuit woman came to meet me. She took my right hand between her hands and began to tell me my past. I started looking around thinking this was some kind of scam, but this meeting was totally random. She told me about my children and had knowledge of my past that made it very overwhelming. As she spoke her hands were getting warmer and warmer. She spoke for several minutes, her voice was soft, and her eyes were fixed to mine. Her last words were, “you are one with the dragonfly”, and as she removed her hands there was a silver dragonfly in the palm of my hand. She turned and walked away……this incident has captivated me ever since.

So, both Ronda and I had this deep attachment to the dragonfly that brought us together. May your time at Dragonfly On Oasis bring you happiness and bond your spirits as it has with Ronda and myself!

Peace, Ben