May 31, 2017

Types of Weddings

Did you know there are several types of weddings?

Traditional: These are typically faith-based and culled from the tradition the bride and groom were born into.

Non-denominational: A spiritual ceremony that includes reference to God, but does not adhere to any particular religious protocol.

Non-religious: Usually includes no reference to faith and typically does not mention God. (Some people call it a civil ceremony, but in fact a civil ceremony often mentions God).

Interfaith: This is a blending of two or more faiths, by including aspect of religion or religious rituals or readings that are symbolic of each faith.

Intercultural: This is a blending of cultures such as a Filipino veil ceremony with a Chinese red string ritual and yet can certainly also blend religious aspects.

Pop culture theme: This is usually a ceremony adapted from something that is part of popular culture and close to the hearts of the bride and groom. It may be a full ceremony dress as a knight and lady of the court, to including lines from Star Wars or Disney, to creating a ceremony based on a favorite romance novel or movie.

Group Wedding: Also known as a mass marriage ceremony, the group wedding involves numerous couples who legally tie the knot at the same time. Typically hosted by wedding venues and cities, group weddings are an attractive option for couples on a budget who want to celebrate their love in a very public way. The venue also serves as the reception site where newlyweds receive an individual cake and champagne toast

Informal Wedding: Couples who choose to have an informal wedding have the freedom to customize every aspect of their marriage ceremony and wedding reception. They usually hold on to several important traditions, create a mashup of both traditions or come up with something completely new. Although not as elaborate, an informal wedding typically has a more intimate feel.

Double Wedding: Normally consisting of best friends or siblings, a double wedding includes two couples participating in a single marriage ceremony. Each couple participates in their own set of wedding rites, usually with the eldest bride going first. The other bride and groom generally serve as attendants.

Military Wedding: Formal and steeped in tradition, a military wedding requires full dress uniform for enlisted personnel. The couple has their choice of marrying in a chapel on base or participating in a civil ceremony. Rituals vary between the U.S. Armed Forces branches but most incorporate the stunning salute of the Saber Arch that the newlyweds pass under.

Same Sex Wedding: Whether planning a civil union or commitment ceremony, same sex weddings are usually intimate, personalized gatherings. Where legal, marriage vows can be exchanged in a civil or religious ceremony. If the couple does not belong to a church that has given its blessing to gay and lesbian marriages, an informal ceremony usually takes place in a rented venue or a relatives home.