May 31, 2017


Dragonfly on Oasis LLC Information

Policies, Terms & Conditions

Appointments: Please, Call for an appointment to tour our grounds. We are seasonal and would like to prepare for tours out of respect of scheduled meetings and events.

Time Allowed: For any function, the facilities will close no later than 11:30 P.M. Sunday-Thursday, and no later than 12:00 A.M. Friday and Saturday. During weekdays: Sunday – Saturday 8 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Guests: We can accommodate up to 250 people at our location.

Parking: There will be a parking attendant for your event. Free parking.

Restrooms: Portable Restrooms will be available. Upgrades are available for an additional fee.

Reservation: Reserve your date for your special event as soon as your decision is made. Weekends fill up quickly.

Reservation Fee: A non-refundable $250.00 reservation fee is due at time contract is signed and will be added towards your total fee. The balance of will be due 45 days prior to your event along with a $300.00 damage deposit that will be returned 30 days after your event if all is approved.

Rehearsal Time: Evening before or Morning of will be scheduled and coordinated to stay within reason.

Storage: You can store gowns, suits, props which will be included as part of the whole package price once your wedding plan has been decided.

Sales Tax: The current total local sales tax rate in Chisago County, MN is 6.87 %

Insurance: A certificate of insurance naming Dragonfly on Oasis LLC, as additional insured for the date of the event is required and must accompany the remaining rental fee.

Caterer: Any caterer or food establishment chosen is permitted. We do not have kitchen facilities; staging area is in the works in 2016 for caterers. We do have electrical and refrigeration available, let us know ahead what you will need. Whether you find your own caterer or you ask us to find one; choose any caterer that fits your budget. Ask caterer to contact us prior to event for any last minute details or questions.

Additional Fee: Any event that serves alcoholic beverages must also serve food. A licensed security and licensed bartender is required. You may hire them with their name and business contact information for approval or Dragonfly on Oasis will hire as part of your total fee. We have relationships built with bonded and licensed services.

Serving Alcohol: No alcoholic beverages may be served after midnight. If alcohol is being served anytime during the event, we ask you to abide by the law. No serving minors, No drinking and driving. Have a designated driver.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited at Dragonfly on Oasis except in designated area. Please respect the buildings and grounds. Designated area for smoking is determined depending on type of event.